a rather annoying page

my name shouldn't bother you, so refer to me as flower (or any nickname you come up with, i really don't mind)
i am 20 years old
use he/him or they/them preferrably please :)

i make art! but i rarely post anything in public because anxiety says no!

i'm from russia but i seem to be fluent in both english and russian, so don't worry about the language barrier!
if there will be any misunderstandings though don't be afraid to point it out with me

i don't mind dms! though i have big trouble expressing myself and keeping a good conversation flow due to SPD (which i'm trying to suppress), i really do appreciate you and am interested in what you have in mind :) please bear with me!

i have no care for what your race/gender/sexuality/kin/whatever is (check here for exceptions), you do you. as long as you're a decent person you're always welcome

i barely ever update my page, but i like some potentially triggering posts, which may be the following:

  • spoilers for media i like (a lot of them!!)

  • cosmic horror/cosmicism

  • (non-irl) gore

  • e y e s

  • religious aesthetic of any real or fictional belief

  • casual (non-sexual) nudity which is extremely rare but may or may not be present

if you're not okay with any of it you're always free to avoid/unfollow my page!


  • you fall under general dni criteria

  • you're an nsfw account. no tolerance for any sexual content/mentions, will unfollow especially if it's about a fandom i'm in. hmu if you're ready to drop it and get the follow back though

  • are into vore. just please avoid me or make sure i don't know of it, otherwise i will not be comfortable with you for good reasons

  • you're a zoo/pedo/necro/any of that human garbage

  • support or are not against animal abuse of any kind

there isn't much i can afford to list! but my main current interests are:


  • Hello Charlotte (if you have pythia content i will gift you my soul)

  • Sky: Children of the Light

  • RainWorld (Saint. Saint)

  • No Man's Sky

my favorite music artists:

  • kai engel

  • kevin penkin

  • lena raine

  • son lux

  • wardruna

if you have anything similar to the content of the artists above, or something like this and this in your playlist please PLEASE share it with me i live for this vibe

visual artists i'm inspired by:

if you're not comfortable with being in the list tell me and i will remove you :)